International Security Policy

Ireland’s participation in the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and Partnership for Peace

The Division manages Ireland’s involvement in the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), which is an integral part of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.  Commensurate with our standing in the European Union and building on our strong traditions in UN peace-keeping, it seeks to ensure an active Irish participation in EU security structures, in particular the developing civil and military crisis management capabilities.  The Division co-ordinates with other Departments, particularly Defence and Justice and Equality, with the aim of ensuring that Ireland plays an appropriate part in the range of ESDP crisis management and peace support operations, including through the development of EU Battlegroups.  The Division also promotes conflict prevention as a core element in the ongoing development of the Union’s capacities in crisis management.  It instructs the delegation of Ireland to the EU Political and Security Committee on the full range of issues arising in the CSDP.

In co-ordination with the Department of Defence, the Division manages Ireland’s participation in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and NATO’s Partnership for Peace (NATO/PfP).  A central aim is to ensure that the Defence Forces continue to benefit in terms of interoperability with other nations on UN authorised peacekeeping operations.  The Division instructs the delegation of Ireland to NATO/PfP who work closely with the other Western European non-militarily-aligned members, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.    

The Division co-operates with Protocol Division in the regulation of permission for the overflight and landing of foreign military aircraft in Ireland and liaises with other Departments and foreign Embassies on international security policy issues.